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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  September 19, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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it is julie banderas and this is the fox report. ahead this hour, pope francis making a historic visit to cuba before coming to the united states later this week. plus, heart attack. investigators release the details on the short and tragic life of baby doe. brand new details on how police finally put a name to the face. republican presidential candidates out in force today on the campaign trail. that is live donald trump speaking in des moines, iowa. he sounded off over the
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controversy involving a town hall questioners trump. this is the first time in my life by not saying nothing. i didn't say anything. i didn't say nothing. that is sort of amazing. >> we are waiting on remarks from carly fiorina. senator ted cruz. and in the hawkeye rick sanatorium and the campaign trail is hopping today. here is a map of all of the action. the democratic candidates focusing on new hampshire where the democrat convention begins. we'll check in there later in the fox report. and carl came ron is live in des moines. rick sanatorium won iowa back in
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2012. what was his message tonight. >> reporter: he thanked iowa republicans for getting it right last time. you spent the time to really grill the candidates and you made the right choices and he won from come from behind almost a midnight recount the night of iowa caucuses and beating mitt romney. rick san toryanium is the prevailing president in the iowa caucus. and candidates in both places. you mention the one in michigan. ted cruz is here today and hitting two cattle calls in one day. just a while ago donald trump arrived here. it is for the evangelical side and donald trump was asked about his. he refused to say his bible
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verses and today he was less private about his faith. and the first thing he did show the thousand or so gather ared in the faith and freedom coalition was his family bible. watch. >> i brought my bible. see. i am better than you thought, you see? and actually this was given to me by my mother and i noticed she wrote a beautiful inscription. mary mccloud from scotland and very religious actually and it was something i thought i would bring along today because this group respects the bibles and respects out everything he said. he pulled out his confirmation and joked all that and i am still here. he was questioned about his
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faith by the likes of dr. ben carson and others. we'll hear from other candidates. and first of the nation caucus. >> carl, we look forward to it. >> later on tonight mike huckabee will tune in with judge janine. and you can't miss this. carly fiorina will be on fox news sunday tomorrow. and so check your local listings for times. pope francis kicking off a historic world wind tour in cuba. the pontiff is credited in playing a key role in restoring the ties with the two countries this afternoon, cuba's gratitude was on full display. [speaking spanish]
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♪ >> today we renew the bonds of cooperation and friendship so the church can support and help the cuban people with the freedom and means and space to bring the proclamation to the kingdom to the society. ♪ >> cuban president raoul castro spoke. and praising pope francis for his harsh critiques and offering
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folks food and a day's pay to line the parade route. >> the pope will have to walk a fine line between supporting and angerring. >> he has a lot of advantages on the ground here in cub a. he's the first latin america people from argentina and he is a native speaker of spanish and also seen here in cuba as a key mediator to bring the u.s. and cuba closer together and re-establish relations. and he was met at the later by raoul castro. castro was raised by jesiuts. and so far this schedule
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includes no meeting with disiddents. that is drawing some criticism from the people who think that the pope could take a harder line against the one party system in cuba. >> what are the other goals for the pope in cuba? >> reporter: one of the main goals is giving hope to the cuban people many are struggling to survive on $25 a month. he will try to move them and revive the church. 60 percent of catholics and only five percent go to church. he will try to revive going to church and the power on the iowa land. he wants church leaders back on the radio and tv and in the schools and all taken away by the communist 50 years ago and coming back with the papal visits, julie. >> thank you very much, steve. >> the suspect in the arizona
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shooting saying i am the wrong giechlt the judge siding with the police and setting bail at a million dollars anyway. to which the suspect can't afford as father of two. he is leslie merit junior. his gun links him to four of the 11 shootings and he said they made a big mistake. >> all i have to say i am the wrong guy. my gun has been in the pawnshop and i haven't had access to a weapon. >> he faces charges of drive-by shooting and intentional acts of terrorism. but what about the six other shootings. investigators acknowledge there could be a copycat on the loose >> we have lost will car and having technical trouble. we'll get back to him later to talk about the evidence they have in catching the suspect and placing him under arrest and
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putting him in jail under 1 million bond. >> and a major u.s. airport. the wing clip that grounded a flight to london and the tragic case of baby doe. the investigators identifying the child's months after finding her remains in a garbage bag. tonight the neighbors react. >> i didn't connect it. i watch it every day. and i am waiting for them to find out who the child was and never even thought it. but now, i step on this machine and get my number which matches my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic inserts. now i get immediate relief from my foot pain. my knee pain. find a machine at ♪ i could get used to this. now you can, with the luxuriously transformed
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♪ it's the final countdown! ♪ ♪ the final countdown! if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. >> more now on the story before the break. the man arrested in phoenix freeway shooting telling the judge that he is the wrong goichlt will what evidence do they have against merit. >> reporter: they have forensic evidence and after intergath
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wesly merit junior they are convinced he is the prime suspect. the detectives used bullets that was found in the scene to determine which type of gun and they used ballistic tests found out that one handgun matched. >> the crime lab test fired arm pawned by mr. merit. and they were a match to bullet fragments to four casings over the last weekend in august. >> reporter: so that landed merit behind bars and facing a slew of felony charges and he made the first court appearance. julie you may remember last week another man. we learned that he has no links to merit but is a person of interest and authorities think
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there is copycats out there and left a 50,000 reward that was handed out to someone if it needs to more arrest. >> what else do we know about merit? >> reporter: he is 21 years old and a father of two and enthusiastic about guns. there is video of him firing guns and pictures of the guns he had as well. and his family is adament he had nothing to do with the shootings. his dad said they have the wrong guy. >> i will say who ever said he is the [bleep] shooter is a moron and have a good night. >> authorities say the evidence speaks for itself. >> will car. thank you very much. >> and the story they are about to hear has the attention of
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a nation. the remains found in a bag in massachusetts. they couldn't find out how she died. and they put up billboards to identify baby doe with a computer picture of what she may have looked like when she was alive. thanks to the police tip we know her name. bella bond and she was two and half years old and you can see how incredibly similar she looks to the computerized billboard image to the left. the police say the mother's boy friend attacked her because he thought the little girl had demons in her. catherine burkeam from the fox affiliate has the heart breaking story. catherine. >> reporter: it was a mystery that haunted police for three months. who was the little girl whose lifeless shower washed ashore
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and gluched in a blanket and trash bag. the answer to the unit. >> we hoped that her death was not a crime, but the evidence carefully and professionally gathered by the men and women who worked on the investigation suggested otherwise. >> reporter: bella's mother saw michael mccarthy punching bella in her room before her death. he was charged with murder and the mother accessory. she was involved with the handling of the body and they kept it in the fridge a month before they disposed of it. >> we allege that mccarthy caused her death intentionally and he and bond took specific steps to keep bella's death a secret. >> police combed through the home, the very place where bella
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should have been safe. snow and though the case is now solved. the burden of grief remains heavy. >> we have a sad day to lose a child and never be able to bring her back. may justice be served. that was catherine burmam reporting. ten people are offering to take bella's remain for a proper burial. including arch bishop o'malley. >> a plane in kennedy airport clipping a fence. it happen in the virgin atlantic flight was backed away by a ground crew. there were 276 people on board and no one was hurt. everyone was bussed back to the
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terminal where they were booked on other flights. >> it was a terrible scene. a bruin's pitcher taking a terrifying blow to the head. after two nights in the hospital what is next to starter jimmy nelson. >> and new vaccines. last year it was a doozy and we are in for another rough flu season. the forecast and what you need to know next. the cold truth is, there's no easy way to do your job when you're sick. tough symptoms need alka-seltzer plus cold & cough it's four cold symptom fighters put you back in control. stay unstoppable. alka-seltzer plus.
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>> now an update on a pair of
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out of control wildfires. authorities say the fire burn nothing nevada has destroyed 500 doubling what they were reporting last night. crews said the flames are blamed for two deaths. north and west another deadly fire in lake county. flames have killed three people and destroyed 600 homes. officials are concerned that rising temperatures could undo the recent progress in getting the fire under control. and more dangerous weather caught on camera take a look at intense lightning strikes. the scary looking light show happening in eastern illinois. this is near the city of champagne. luckily no reports of damage or anyone hurt just a spectacular show. >> this year's flu season should be better than last year. last year's flu season was a difficult one due in part to
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a new strain of the vieris that appeared before the 2014 vaccine was held and created. this year will be different. >> reporter: cvc director receiving his flu shot and he wants you to do the same. >> the single thing to do to protect yourself to get a flu vaccine. >> 170 million doses are available this season. everyone six months and older should be vaccinated. >> even in a good year, good in quotation marks and this will result in millions of cases of illness and hundreds of hospitalizations and thousands or tens of thousands of deaths. >> reporter: last season was a rough one and shots offering less protection as usual due to
4:24 pm
a new strain that emerged. and seniors were hit hard with the highest rate of hospitalizations since the cvc started monitoring it. 145 deaths among the children documented and the cvc said the actual number is higher since not all flu- related deaths are detected. h3 n2 is included in the new shots. >> it looks to me that the vaccine is well protected. >> reporter: here in u.s. it runs diagram through may. and they recommend you get vaccinated when the shots are available where you are and ideally by october. >> update now on a scary situation on the pitching mound. brewer's jimmy nelson took a line drive to the head.
4:25 pm
he is scheduled to so a neurologist. for now he just has a bad bruise. he is in the starting line up against the chicago cubs on tuesday. secretary of state john kerry doubling down. syrian president assad must go. but when and how is up for negotiation. and new indication that vice-president biden will make a run for the white house as hillary clinton meets law makers in the washington. and how a animal landed a man behind bars. man-cave. you think it smells fine, but your guests smell this...
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limited arm movement, fatigue, headache, muscle or joint pain, less appetite, chills, or rash. get this one done. ask your doctor or pharmacist about prevnar 13® today. >> one person killed and other ares injured after a bridge collapse in india. it is our top story around the world in 80 seconds. india, a bus suspended over a ditch with running water beneath it. injured passengers, some of them critically hurt were rushed to the nearest hospital bite local resident. the bus was crossing the bridge when it caved in. and chile, relief efforts underway after a earthquake shock the coast. the president there poke with those whose homes were
4:30 pm
destroyed. the quake was the strongest recorded in the world this year. and australia, a 23-year-old man facing several charges after police uncovered fire arms and ammunition and cash in a giant teddy bear. they raided the apartment for illegally imported weapons. they were able to identify the guns as a shipment made number of years ago. and germane. inserting the first keg of beer. and that's a wrap on the fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> this is the fox report and time for the top of the news. more signs this evening that
4:31 pm
vice-president biden will jump in the presidential race. he attended a breakfast with black law makers in washington. analyst call it a chance to test the waters. his aides are calling democratic sponsors to talk about the timing of an announcement and also as the democratic candidates are in the race they were in new hampshire while the gop candidates focused on iowa waand michigan. christian has the latest. are we closer to finding out whether or not biden is going to run? >> reporter: the wall street journal report the discussions have shifted from if he will run to when he will make the announcement he is running. and other analyst point out until it happens tis just rumor and speculation. >> i would caution people not to believe every report they read.
4:32 pm
every person who shook hands with vice-president biden is leaking to the neighborhood about what he might or might not do. he will tell us when we he is ready. >> and the democratic candidates spending the day in the party's annual convention in new hampshire. did hillary clinton address the latest trump controversy. >> there was a time when she would not mention trump by name. today she went after his stance on immigration and women and campaign slogan. >> can you hear mr. trump saying he wants to make america great. america is great, we need to work for all of the people in our country again. who watched the republican debates the other night? you are gluttons for punishment, you. 15 candidates, five hours.
4:33 pm
not a single fighter for the middle-class. >> and one of the other minutes is when the chair woman of the democratic national committee and interrupted by democrats most bernie sanders reporters saying we want more debates and 11 have more debates and the the dnc chair said six debates are all of the they are getting. >> pope francis touching down earlier in cuba today and he will be a ratify nothing andrews air force base in cuba. his itinary is arriving in the white house. and another historic first when his holiness addresses the joint session of congress. and next up, the pope will
4:34 pm
address the united nation's general assembly and lead mass in madison square garden and then on to philadelphia. and he will check out independence mall where our forefathers signed the constitution and he will hold a prayer vigil with the world meeting of families. and after that the pontiff is expected to be scheduled to visit a correctional facility and meet with prisoners. that is quite a schedule. pope francis will stop by a schedule school in the when i will wind u.s. tour as the teachers and students get ready for an experience of a lifetime. this is incredible. >> you are right. 24 students from the catholic school will meet pope francis in a school. it is enough to leave anyone
4:35 pm
speechless. i think he is like easy to talk. to and you can go up to him and he said hi. >> nine year old nicholas and eight-year-old alison feel like lucky kids. >> i will give him a hug. >> they will both meet pope francis in the harlem new york on friday. >> i am nervous and excited and more on the excited side. >> it is the only school the pope will visit. dr. timothy mcnit is the sprltd of the arch diocese in new york. 98 percent of our kids go to college and when you look at the statistics, it speaks volumes about what is happening in the classroom. >> reporter: it is no coincidence he is visiting our lady of angels. it is offering a catholic
4:36 pm
education. 92 percent of hispanic immigrants and many are poor. & have you talked to them about what they are saying to the pope? they are confident. >> and both students agree they have it under control. >> my mom and dad never gave me a ride. i figured it out on my own. >> and he will visit the third grade class rom and talk about ways to save the environment. >> that is so sweet. joishgs it is it a hispanic immigrant community. and speaking of the latinos, make sure to stay tuned on fox news all of that and the latest on the the website. >> that is so cool. i love that he is seeing the kids, too we have been preparing
4:37 pm
this and the city will basically be on lock down and philadelphia. they will not let them in or out. >> these kids are lucky. >> russia building its military presence in syria. and having large scale drills. vladimar putin said the country needs real results in the push to make russia's military less dependent on equipment. putin is boltstering assad in the ongoing civil war. and secretary kerry said the syria and russia and u.s. need to come together to negotiate assad's resignation.
4:38 pm
>> we are not being talking about the date or time. but right now assad refused to have a serious discussion and russia refused to bring him to the table. russia insists it is in syria to help with the fight against isis and not prop up ah sawed. and no secretary kerry said the syrian civil war is the cause of the migrant crisis. they are flooding in hungary as more are called in. and the european union looking for answers on how to help them. and they are trapped on the borders of the country. and they are refusing to take in the migrants and saying they are overwhelmed. and croatia started to shut down
4:39 pm
the borders. and more than 20000 people flew in croatia. and according to the officials there and now the prime minister said that croatia will force hungary to accept migrants by bussing them and leaving them at the border where there are clashes between the hungarian police and police using water canyon and pepper spray to push them back. hungary called 500 reservist and reenforcing and sealing off the borders with razor fences. and other countries including germany and austria called up to deal with the migrants there. and police say 7000 people flood in the country since friday.
4:40 pm
and u.s. secretary of state kerry said the migrant crisis can't only be addressed by the number of people or providing support to them. >> it has to be the root cause which is the violence in syria and the lack of hope and possibility of a future that so many people feel is a consequence of the violence that took place. >> the european union is planning an emergency meeting to address the crisis. it shows no signs of letting up. and today greece's coast guard found a body of a five year old girl in the sea after the boat she was on sank. 14 other people remain missing. julie? >> john, thank you. a question what to do with the animals left behind in the chaos and violence. the story of 18 dogs going up for adoption here in the united
4:41 pm
states after traveling thousands of miles from turkey. >> controversy on the view after the ladies cracked a few inappropriate jokes involving nurses and why it could spell trouble for the long- running talk show, next. the challenges of keeping everyone working together can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help. at&t has the tools and the network you need, to make working as one easier than ever. virtually anywhere. leaving you free to focus on what matters most. why pause to take a pill when a moment spontaneously turns romantic? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? with cialis for daily use, you don't have to plan around either. it's the only daily tablet
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active management can seek to outperform. because active investment management isn't reactive. it's active. that's the power of active management. >> sponsors dropping abc's view after controversial comments this week after nurses. they were discussing the miss america pageant. >> there was a girl that wrote her own monlog. this is amazing and she came out in a nurse's uniform and read her e-mails out loud and shockingly did not win. >> why did she have a doctor's stethoscope. >> he helps patients and you have to see it. >> a doctor's stethoscope.
4:45 pm
try the nurse's. and the host apologized and brought nurses on to share their story. mccomic and snug and he will johnson a johnson pulled the ads over the remarks. and do you think that companies should stop advertising on the view for making fun of the miss america monolog. >> and a battle on capitol hill over planned parent hood. the house voting to block the group from getting federal funding for one year this after videos the group claims were deceptively edited. >> reporter: congress has five legislative days left until the federal government runs out of money and planned parent hood is in the center of the debate. conservatives remain adament
4:46 pm
that all funding be attached to the bill. >> somehow harvesting the parts is a political issue? this is repulsive and repugnant and america's taxpayers paying for it. >> president obama vowed to veto the budget. and if no budget resolution is held it could lead to a shutdown. >> and house leadership showed conservatives poling data that indicates that the republicans will take the fall for government shutdown. democrats are quick to jump on that including hillary clinton. >> all of the republican candidates want to defund planned parent hood and many will shut down the government to do that no matter the consequences. >> and without the two-thirds
4:47 pm
majority. two bills have little chance of becoming law. that is not stops the conservative from threatening to challenge john boehner's leadership over the issue. that could happen next week. julie. >> thank you very much. and caught on camera, an rv catches fire and rolls down the street engulfed in flames. it is the top story across america. >> pennsylvania. >> we are just driving along and all of the sudden, smoke rolling out of the back of the motor home. and thank god we were able to get everything out. >> the rv's brakes went out during the fire and the suv towing the vehicle broke off and some roads and power lines were
4:48 pm
damaged. one person was treated for smoke inhalation. and two hours apart. and the first at this intersection. and the hospital tried to make a u-turn and slammed on to an suv. the officers turning around to help a man in a whole chair. the driver and son are okay. it is unclear what caused it or if anyone was hurt. nebraska, some students are partnering with a local zoo to track butterflies. they are catching and tagging monarchs. and the education director said the hands on program help students learn what it takes to be a scientist. 18 pure bread golden retrievers from turkey to the u.s. learning that hundreds of dogs
4:49 pm
abandoned in the ongoing crisis there. >> they are family dogs and giving. you are getting emotional. >> i am sorry. >> it is a terrible thing for the dogs on the street. >> the golden retrievers are up for adoption. that is a fox watch in america. >> president obama preparing to meet with pope francis and this is not the first time the president welcomed a pontiff to the white house. it is it a look back at the the historic gathering, next. and get my number which matches my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic inserts. now i get immediate relief from my foot pain. my lower back pain. find a machine at ♪ lease the 2015 rc 350 for $429 a month for 36 months.
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>> the white house preparing to welcome pope francis to the united states. this will be the second time president obama meets with the
4:53 pm
catholic leader and first time and sit down at the white house. joe waldman looks back at the the century- long history of meetings between pontiffs and commanders in chief. >> january 1919shortly after the end of the world war i president wilson met pope ben dith 16 and would not happen until isolated thunderstorms took hands with the with the pope. and then paul 6th. all of these visits taking place in vatican city until the bishop of rome flew to the eastern sea board. pope paul had a meet and greet with johnson. and would meet with president nixon twice and gerald ford
4:54 pm
once. late 'cents there was a new leader john paul two and he was the first pontiff to go to the white house. and it was extened by jimmy carter, a devout christian. and the oval office changed hands and during the eight years in office. president reagan huddled with him four times and it was a fight against communism and the wildly popular pope continued a warm relationship and met twice with george. bush and four types with bill clinton and three times with george w. bush. and the death of john paul 2nd paid the way for papase. and bush traveled to so him and when the pope came, he was feeted on the white house south
4:55 pm
lawn. president obama went to the vatican to meet benedict and this year, he met pope francis. and the white house said they will meet the pope. and the holy father's official welcoming ceremony will be here on pennsylvania avenue. we asked if companies should quit advertising on the view after the criticism of the nurse's monologushgs e. ♪ (phone ringing) what's up mikey? hey buddy i heard you're having a party. what? if i was having a party, i'd invite you. would you? yeah.
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4:59 pm
linen and paul mccartney and this photoshows pete beast who was the drummer before ringo starr joined the band. >> do you think the company that should advertiseoth view. >> it is sad that a popular show that represents women's interest would make a comment. everybody needs to lighten up. this country is way too pc. >> hard enough to find folks to do that job and the view shouldn't be on tv. has it saved a life? keep your comments coming on twitter. that's how fox reports this saturday. a reminder, must so television with carly fiorina joining fox news sunday to discuss the race.
5:00 pm
her interview airs tomorrow. i am julie banderas. have a great night. o see you, dom, thanks for being with us, have a great weekend, good night from new york. john: we need to build a wall. i also believe we need a fence. but what good will that do? >> even here they could swim right around us, they could walk around us now. >> they do, even when there is fencing. >> people get around it, they bring ladders like this one lying right next to the fence. john: suddenly europe has big border problems, too. what can they do about this? what can america do to have locks on our borders, that's our show tonight.


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